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    About Us

    We are a mother and child care facility with special emphasis on fertility medicine, offering you quality care in an environment with unparalleled ambience.“At Clearview Hospital, our mission is to provide cutting edge medical solutions in a prompt and cost-effective manner, while advancing the healthcare and well-being of women and children”

    Buy any of our fertility assessment packages

    Fertility Assessment or testing is important for every woman that would like to conceive now or in the future. Seek proactive fertility testing as soon as you start thinking about trying to conceive. Testing can also be beneficial if you're considering putting parenthood on hold for a few years. Your test results can help you determine if you should explore options like egg, sperm or embryo freezing.

    Payment plan that makes life easy

    Clearview hospital Happy woman
    Clearview hospital has partnered with the W community ‘s Maternal Health Service Support initiative that aims at giving women access to medical financing to support their total wellbeing and make their dreams of motherhood a reality. The W community MHSS is the first medical financing for women in Nigeria. This product enables women to walk into our facility and enjoy a flexible payment plan for IVF, Natal Support (delivery) and other Gynecological procedures.

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    fertility focus
    Fertility focus is an educational series on our social media channel that answers pressing question on fertility-related topics. Join us every week by 6pm for fresh episodes of this program.

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    Our team of medical experts and specialistss have one aim, which is to give you the best chance of conception. With strict adherence to healthcare policies and compliance with medical ethics, we ensure that we do what is best for you and your family.

    Let's Care For YouClearview Hospital

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